Unoccupied Insurance

unoccupied insurance | empty property insurance

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  • over 30-days unoccupied is no problem
  • Inherited homes covered
  • Holiday homes insured
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  • Buildings and contents unoccupied insurance cover


Jason says:

It is very simple: if you own a property that lies vacant for long periods of time (normally over 30-days) then you will need unoccupied insurance.

This insurance will make sure your very vaulable asset - the property and its contents - is insured againast loss from things like fire, theft etc.
without it you could face a total loss situation and that could be costly. I coudn't afford to face a total loss on another property, it would financially ruin me - the average property is worth £170,000 and that's a lot to lose.

Unoccupied insurance is common and the property insurer's specialist provider is one of the best in the UK, balancing the cover you need with excellent prices.


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