Tenants Insurance is a version of contents insurance – also known as Renters Insurance – so is easy to get with plenty of competition in the market keeping prices realistic for you. Basically if you rent a property then it is your responsibility to insure your own contents, not the landlord who normally only insures the building itself – it makes sense if the contents are yours then you should insure them.

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250xJason Jason Says

If you are renting a property and own just about anything at all that you keep within it then you will need Tenant Insurance. This is very similar to a typical contents insurance policy as it is protecting what is in the property.

The problem comes that many tenants or renters do not realise that they need contents insurance – or Tenants Contents Insurance, they think they are covered by the landlord when in the vast majority of cases they are not. There are some properties let fully furnished but even then as a tenant if you bring your own belongings in to it you will need your own cover.
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