Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

  • Cover available now if your property has flooded in the past
  • Yes - cover available if your property is prone to flooding
  • A guaranteed quote (based on you providing the information needed)
  • Immediate cover available
  • Insurance underwritten by proven, reliable insurers
  • Easy personal approach from expert broker
  • Contents cover on new for old basis
  • Save money - no claims discount of up to 25%
  • Discounts for working smoke alarms and secure locks
  • Wide choice of voluntary excess to help reduce premium cost




If you have experienced a flood in the past or live in a postcode area designated at risk of flooding by the Environmental Agency then you will need good flood insurance cover to protect your property and assets. This cover does not have to be expensive and The Property Insurer works with the very best UK specialist providers to ensure you receive the very best cover at the lowest possible price.

And excess demands do not need to break the bank either. Our expert brokers understand what you need and will supply a realistic price and excess that you can afford. They will also give credit for any flood defence work that has taken place to protect your property. The Property Insurer offers you the very best in specialist provision and can help you regardless of prior flood claims. Click on the Get a Quote button now for a fast response or read more on the links at the right side of the page.

Jason Says:

People say that there is no truth in global warming but I live in the UK and have felt the difference in the weather and watched the increasing frequency of flooding news and misery. Is it global warming or is it irresponsible planning laws or is it simple bad luck? I don’t know but the one thing I am sure of is if you live in an area of flood risk then you need flood risk insurance, no questions asked.

The blame game is no fun if you are watching water climb up the inside walls of your property –at that stage what you need is good flood insurance cover that you can rely on to fix and repair everything quickly and without fuss to minimise disruption to your life. 

Flood insurance is a specialist product and requires expert broker and insurer support. There is no point hoping that a big brand TV advertised supplier can deal with this sort of risk at any sort of realistic price - they simply are not geared up to do so. That's where The Property Insurer comes in to its own. With contacts to the best flooding insurance providers in the UK it will connent you with the right people and help you get the right flood insurance cover at the right price.

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